Chamber Facility

The Georgia Tech Environmental Chamber facility (GTEC) consists of two 12 m3 flexible Teflon chambers suspended in a 21 ft x 12 ft temperature-controlled (4–40±0.5 oC) enclosure. Each of the chambers has three Teflon manifolds with multiple sampling ports. Ports allow for the introduction of clean air, gas-phase reagents, seed aerosols, and for measurement of NO, NOx, O3, RH, temperature, gas-phase organic composition, and aerosol mass, size, number concentration, and composition. The chambers are surrounded by banks of blacklights with output predominately in the ultraviolet between 300 nm and 400 nm, with a maximum at 354 nm. The blacklights are supplemented by natural sunshine fluorescent lights. The sunshine fluorescent lamps emit between 300 nm to 900 nm. The changes in gas-phase and aerosol-phase composition in experiments are continuously monitored by a suite of analytical instruments surrounding the chamber facility. Overall, the chamber facility allows one to perform experiments under a spectrum that captures the full range of photochemistry, but without the variations in light intensity, temperature, RH, and weather conditions.